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The Company, individually or with selected investors, seeks out and invests in attractive corporate and individual investment situations, including leveraged buyouts, real estate, service companies, manufacturing companies, oil and gas, major positions in publicly traded stocks, agribusiness, venture capital and turnaround situations.

The Firm pursues merger, acquisition or divestiture opportunities for itself and/or for its clients in a wide range of industries and geographic locations. Activities include development and analysis of appropriate acquisition or divestiture strategies, identification of suitable candidates, contacting of appropriate parties and negotiating and structuring of transactions, and locating and negotiating sources of transaction financing.

The Company performs consulting services for a limited number of clients in the areas of corporate and financial strategy, turnaround situations and the analysis and funding of growth opportunities. Particular emphasis is devoted to the identification and implementation of major strategic policies such as financial restructuring, acquisition or divestiture programs and growth strategy development and funding. Geddes and Company also specializes in situations with complex financial circumstances and financing problems and often serves as an intermediary on behalf of its clients in establishing appropriate relationships with major investment banking firms for initial public offerings, public syndications or similar transactions. As an adjunct to its various activities the Company performs valuation studies of companies and related securities

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